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Autor   LinkJohansson, Frans , autor.
Titulo   LinkThe Medici effect : what elephants and epidemics can teach us about innovation / Frans Johansson.
Datos de Public.   Boston, Mass. : Harvard Business School Press, c2006.
Descr. Física   xiii, 207 páginas ; 21 cm
ISBN   9781422102824
LBibliografía   Incluye referencias bibliográficas (páginas: 191-200) e índice.
LContenido   The intersection: your best chance to innovate: monkeys and mind readers -- The rise of intersections: the sounds of Shakira and the emotions of Shrek -- Break down the barriers between fields: sea urchin lollipops and Darwin’s finches -- How to make the barriers fall: Heathrow Tunnel and restaurants without food -- Randomly combine concepts: card games and sky rises -- How to find the combinations: meteorite crashes and code breakers -- Ignite an explosion of ideas: submarines and tubular bells -- How to capture the explosion: MacGyver and boiling potatoes -- Execute past your failures: violence and school curricula -- How to succeed in the face of failure: Palm Pilots and counterproductive carrots -- Break out of your network: ants and truck drivers -- How to leave the network behind: penguins and meditation -- Take risks and overcome fear: airplanes and serial entrepreneurs -- How to adopt a balanced view of risk: elephants and epidemics -- Step into the intersection and create the Medici effect.
Materia   LinkInnovaciones Tecnológicas.
  LinkPensamiento Creativo
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